Chasing The Bug

from HRG - Vol. 1 by Marc With a C


You don't like girls at all
The boys want you
For one thing
But that's the norm
Don't speak when you are spoken to
If they're lucky
You might respond
With your watery
And teary eyes

Your slight bit of karma
It ran over my dogma
Your demons
Are fit to be tied up

It makes you want to throw up
But that's the allure
You're dirty like you're chasing the bug

With connections like this
Who needs an enema?
You wanna cross
The most personal line?
Leave a message
Stating your desires
You know mine
You already know mine
You're kicking cigarettes
But you don't smoke
The alleyway is now a lifelong drug
It's gritty and nightmarish
And every trip is different
You're dirty like you're chasing the bug

If you impregnate me
I won't bear a child
I'll give the world
A poisoned fruit
My body is a temple
That arsonists are burning down
I'll kneel
At my very own pew

My clergy, my rabbi
My baptismal pool
I will worship with my knees on the rug
Bless me when I return
To the evils of the world
I'm dirty like I'm chasing the bug

The congregation
Holds my head under the water
Until the bubbles stop rising up
And I won't be saved
Until the liquid fills my lungs
I'm dirty like I'm chasing a bug


from HRG - Vol. 1, released July 1, 2003




Marc With a C Orlando, Florida

For over 21 years, DIY indie pop singer-songwriter-storyteller Marc With a C has devoted himself to making raw, lo-fi music about a hi-def world.

Through countless original albums, EPs and live recordings, Marc With a C uses infectious melodies and salty language to tell the stories of a generation caught between the analog and digital worlds.
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